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Q1.  What is the main difference between Waprep Online and other online platforms?
A.  Waprep (Washington Preparatory School) is a local private school located in Seattle, WA, with IBDP teaching certification, rather than an ordinary private tutoring institution. Waprep Online, which launched recently, was developed by our elite faculty after more than a year of hard work and is designed specifically for non-native English speaking students. The courses are intended to help non-native English speaking students improve their English language skills to the level of native speakers.
Q2.  What are the teaching features that make Waprep Online different from other online American language institutes?
A.  Our teaching features are different from other English language teaching systems. Our goal is to cultivate children's second native language so that they can actively communicate with foreigners in America and express their thoughts entirely after learning. We hope that your child will come to our program to learn how to express their ideas. We hope that when children come to our classes, they will take away the knowledge of English and, more importantly, the habit of learning, which is a lifelong skill that cannot be measured in monetary terms. That's why we encourage children to read every day and pay for their homework on time in class to receive positive feedback.
Q3.  How many students will be enrolled in each class?
A.  Waprep Online is developed with small class sizes, with a maximum of 6 students in the formal class and the reading camp. 5 students in the oral class, 8 students in the creative writing class, and 8 students in the English literature class. Small class size is designed to make Asian students who have been accustomed to interacting with each other for a long time step out of their comfort zone. The small classes also provide an all-English environment with North American teachers and classmates from different cultural backgrounds. So students must communicate in English and are more able to learn and understand the English expressions of their classmates and teachers, creating an irreplaceable teaching environment in the ESL market.
Q4.  What is Waprep Online's approach to learning the American language for children?
A.  Waprep Online is an online school. We focus on immersion learning, just like a real local school, and children will inevitably be nervous or unable to sit still in an unfamiliar environment. Most of the other teaching brands require a reservation, and the popular teachers may not be available. Because we are an online school, there is no need to make a separate appointment for a teacher, and the teacher and class time are fixed. Therefore, it is easy for children to develop learning habits, and it is easier for children to participate in the classroom with a selected teacher and peer group.
Q5.  Can I change or transfer my class?
A.  Yes, you can. You can apply for a class transfer if the following conditions are met (both conditions must be met)
1. The child can attend the class conveniently during the time slot of the class to be transferred.
2. There is still a vacancy in the class after the class starts.
Q6.  Can I choose my own class time? Can I select the number of days to attend classes?
A.  After enrolling in our regular classes, we have a fixed schedule of classes, teachers, and students. The three-weekday courses are held in the evening on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Since the Waprep Online course materials have continuity and progression characteristics, it is impossible to mix and match different sessions.
Q7.  What is the difference between small-group classes and one-to-one classes?
A.  The key to absorbing knowledge is not the number of hours of conversation in a single class but the interaction between students and teachers. With small class sizes, the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing can be developed in a balanced manner, allowing teachers to better grasp the students' learning status and easier maintain the order of the class. That allows each student to have sufficient time to interact with the teacher and practice with their peers. The primary purpose of the small class size is to create a natural language learning environment. As the number of students is small, the teacher can give additional guidance to different levels of children and adjust the teaching to each child's learning situation.
Q8.  What are the ways that Waprep Online teachers interact with students?
A.  Successful teacher management fosters positive learning attitudes, honest performance in class, and self-responsibility in learning. The right kind of teacher-student interaction and cooperation is the best way to support the learning process of the American language. The main focus of our American language instruction is to begin by laying the groundwork for pronunciation and gradually learning to read and write in American. Knowing a little bit every day, improving a little bit every day, and learning American without pressure, is the secret to our children's success in turning American into a second language!
Q9.  How does Waprep Online structure the curriculum for children's American language learning stages?
A.  Waprep Online's regular classes are divided into two semesters, with the regular class being a long-term class that focuses on listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
The Fall Semester class (September-January) and the Spring Semester class (February-June). Through the guidance of American teachers, we hope to cultivate students' interest in English, lead them to become familiar with various types of English texts and master the methods of learning English. Through reading a large amount of English, children will be able to learn and understand English and eventually gain the ability to learn on their own.
Waprep Online also offers short courses such as Reading and Speaking Camp, Creative Writing Camp for students to add on.
Q10.  Will Waprep Online have extra reading materials in addition to its textbooks?
A.  Yes. After enrolling in a regular class, we will provide a list of recommended books for students to refer to and purchase. We also offer independent practice measures such as a reading practice website.
Q11.  How are the teachers of Waprep Online?
A.  The most significant competitive advantage of Waprep Online is that we have a strong team of teachers, most of whom are native North American teachers, and all of whom are personally interviewed and hired by our principal.
As an IB school with a strong academic focus, we are very strict in controlling the quality of our teachers. We require at least 1,000 hours of online teaching experience or 3 to 5 years of teaching experience in a physical school.
Q12.  Will there be a test in Waprep Online? How do parents know how their child is doing in American academic level?
A.  We offer two types of tests. The first is a midterm and final test during the semester. The test reminds us of what we have learned previously and provides a 'review' of what we have learned during the semester. After the exams, teachers will write growth reports for each student one month later.The second type of test is the STAR Reading test, which is worth $40 before and after the school year, to quantify the effectiveness of the children's learning during the semester.
Q13.  Does Waprep Online manage the classroom?
A.  Each classroom will have an assistant teacher who will be invisible in the back of the system and will not show up on camera. However, the assistant teacher will watch all the children in each class. Suppose there are any problems in the classroom, such as unstable internet, noisy microphone, etc. In that case, the assistant teacher will respond to the teacher or student and transfer to the official LINE to contact parents for assistance to ensure the regular operation of the classroom.
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